Ray Haddad - Intuitive Filmmaker + CEO/Founder | This Is Good


Filmmaker/Director + CEO/FOUNDER

I’m Ray. I’m an Award-Winning Documentary Filmmaker and Storytelling Consultant of This Is Good.

After 10 years of making films and videos for 100s of clients, I founded This Is Good because I want to see a world where people are transformed by the good that businesses and organizations do. And it aches me to see these businesses and organizations miss out on the impact they could do because they struggle to communicate their story with power, clarity and authenticity.

So, I’m on this crazy mission to lead and help businesses get clear on their messaging so they can gain more customer’s hearts with authenticity using human-focused films.


Justin Westbrooks - This Is Good



I'm Justin. I'm a Co-founder of This is Good and a Partner at GiANT Worldwide. I spend most of my time in the world of marketing and strategic growth. I have the heart of an entrepreneur. When asked what I want to do with my life, the only confident answer I have is to build businesses with friends while having fun. I live in the Atlanta area with my fun-loving, blonde haired, blue-eyed bride, Jessica.